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May 2020

When Will the Economy Recover from COVID-19?

The COVID-19 crisis is pushing the world into an unprecedented economic slump. Just how big the slump will be is currently unknown but experts’ predictions aren’t optimistic. One independent forecast by the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) warned that the UK economy could shrink by a record 35% by June, in the case of a three month…

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How Can Businesses Minimise the Risk of Insolvency During Lockdown?

As businesses struggle to survive the worst economic downturn in centuries, the Government is stepping in to minimise the number of insolvencies. In the first two weeks of lockdown, the Office of National Statistics reported that 25% of companies temporarily stopped trading and 41% of those still operating were forced to furlough many of their staff. Westminster has…

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Is the UK Mortgage Market Still Open for Business?

You may be wondering what the current situation is with the mortgage market. Have providers stopped lending altogether? Are all new mortgage deals off? It’s true that some providers have withdrawn their higher loan to value (LTV) mortgage products.  Nationwide, Santander and Skipton Building Society have recently announced that they’re only going to be offering…

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How Ernest Grant is Operating During Lockdown

All our lives and businesses have now had a period of change in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Teleconferencing software is the communication medium of choice and we have ourselves adopted an open approach, using Zoom, Teams, Skype and GoToMeeting to name but a few.  Hopefully, when normality starts to resume, we will all come out the other end with better…

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