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Newsletter | 2020

COVID-19 Support for Businesses and the Self Employed

With the pace of the Covid-19 pandemic accelerating in the UK, new Chancellor Rishi Sunak has introduced a raft of measures designed to help businesses, their employees and the self-employed. Here’s the lowdown on the latest government support schemes. Clearly, we are living in unprecedented times. What follows is our understanding of the current measures, and…

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The Value of Client/Financial Adviser Relationships

There are many ways that value is expressed in the relationship between a financial planner and a client; the most obvious being the way that an adviser can guide a client towards their financial goals, enabling a client to live the life they want in the future. Offering clear, unbiased advice is also viewed as an…

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Celebrating Christmas Under Covid

It’s safe to say that Christmas 2020 is no usual Christmas. With the latest updates from the Government suggesting that families will be able to meet at Christmas and enjoy the company of up to three households between 23rd and 27th December, there may at least be some level of normality for those who choose…

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What Survived From the Original Pension Schemes Bill?

You may have read various headlines about the Pensions Bill, which was first announced in the Queen’s Speech in October. Its progress was subsequently halted with the calling of the General Election but it has now been confirmed by the Queen and is on its way to becoming law. Given all the back and forth,…

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