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Newsletter | 2022

February Market Commentary

January’s headlines were dominated not only by reports of lockdown parties in Downing Street, but also by growing tension on Ukraine’s border. Russian President Vladimir Putin massed his tanks on the border, with the Chair of the Commons Defence Committee saying that an invasion was “imminent and inevitable”, and a top Polish official said that…

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September Market Commentary

  August started with US Speaker Nancy Pelosi visiting Taiwan. We comment on China’s reaction below – and we also describe the environmental and economic challenges facing the country. With domestic crises brewing at home, some commentators have noted the convenience of an external crisis for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). “The position of the…

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Financial Planning has Never Been More Important

The first week of February was not a good one for our personal finances. As everyone reading this will be aware, the energy price cap was raised, and headlines warned that British households face a record £693 price hike. This came on top of the confirmation from the Chancellor that April’s planned increase in national…

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Get control of your old pensions

Very few of us have a job for life these days, with many of us moving through numerous roles and businesses as our careers progress. That means you’ll probably have several workplace pensions throughout your working life, and as time passes, it can be easy to lose track of them. You might have moved house…

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