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October 2021

October Market Commentary

You will no doubt be aware that September was a month when shortages dominated the headlines. As we will see below, it was by no means a problem confined to the UK: sadly it does not look like a problem that will quickly disappear. We have, for example, written previously about the shortage of semiconductor…

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The Pensions Triple Lock: what does the Government’s Broken Pledge mean for Pensioners?

At the last General Election the Conservative Government made a promise, a so-called “manifesto commitment.” That pledge is commonly known as the “pensions triple lock:” that the state pension will be increased each year by annual price inflation, average earnings growth or a guaranteed 2.5%, whichever is the greater. For pensioners this has been good…

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The War for Talent: What is it? And could it impact your Savings and Investments?

Recently there was a story of an American company, The Hut Group, planning to have DJs playing at a return to work celebration. Accountants PwC are offering staff a £1,000 bonus if they will come back to the office, suggesting it can be used for new work wear, commuter bikes or gym membership. Insurance company…

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