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October 2023

How early should we start teaching kids about money?

The debate around providing children with financial education has been rumbling on for a very long time. After all, countless studies have shown that many adults simply aren’t comfortable managing their money, or even understand what basic financial terms, from mortgages to interest rates, actually mean. Why? Because they were never taught any of this…

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October Market Commentary

Sluggish growth and high inflation have stubbornly persisted across much of the globe in recent months, and September was no different. But some major economies are performing better than others as they grapple with global economic headwinds, and emerging markets in Asia are bucking the prevailing trend by enjoying strong rates of growth. As always,…

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How to cope when your child leaves for university

When your child moves to uni, it can be as big a step for you as it is for them. While your child will be taking those first tentative steps into adulthood and independence, you’ll be having to let go for the first time in 18 years. And even if you’re bursting with pride for…

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One year on – Where Has The Mini Budget left the Mortgage Market?

It’s one year since Liz Truss and Kwasi Kwarteng’s ill-fated Mini Budget, a £45 billion tax cutting package, paid for by increased public borrowing. For many of us, the fallout of this fiscal event will be burned into our memories. Who can forget, for example, the pound crashing to its lowest level against the dollar…

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